About Us

Incorporated in 2008, Gulf Developments Inc. has been extremely successful in obtaining many high-profile tenders and executing quality work.

Gulf Developments Inc. owner and president Michael Kopcok (formerly the controlling shareholder of Gulf Construction Inc.) brings an excess of 20 years of experience in estimating, project management and field work.

Gulf Developments Inc. continues a vision of dedication and commitment to quality work and efficiency as it has in all Kopcok family-run businesses.

Gulf Developments Inc. (and the former Gulf Construction Inc.) have a wealth of experience and success in many different types of commercial construction, including schools, daycares, community centres, retail stores, industrial buildings, banking facilities, nursing homes, dental offices, and countless others.

The Kopcok family has been successful in the construction business and land development business for over 35 years, and Gulf Developments Inc. has kept with that tradition as a general contractor in the commercial field as well.